The Very Best WordPress Themes For Podcasters For 2021

There are thousands of different WordPress themes out there. Finding the one that’s perfect for your project can be a little overwhelming. It’s worth pointing out that I actually use the Flexblog theme. It took me a long time to land on that one. It’s not designed specifically for podcasters, but I mix in podcasts and blog posts. I also have multiple podcasts. Obviously that complicated things a bit for my search. Having a theme optimized for podcasts did not make much sense in my case.

If you’re building a website specifically podcasting, these are what I recommend you take a Gander Mountain at. Most are best for one podcast, but some also work if you’re an overachiever like me and have more than one.


They really nailed it on the name with this one. In addition to a name that’s on the nose it lets users listen the latest episode on your homepage. It also supports a number of helpful plugins and is pretty customizable.


Bolden is specifically designed for a podcast network and individuals podcasters with multiple shows. Shows can be in a carousel or in a grid, so you can feature all of them and don’t have to face your own podcasting Sophie’s Choice. It also has multiple sorting options, and a simple minimalist design.


Gumbo gives you multiple player options, whether you need one in your header, embedded in your show notes, or anywhere else. It’s very customizable but puts your most recent episode right in front of people as soon as they visit your site. Which is nice.


Satchmo is a minimalist theme for podcasters and bloggers, which as you may have noticed is something of which I’m a fan. It works well with podcasting plugins or you can also embed episodes manually from your podcast host.


Dixie is extremely customizable and has the big advantage that makes it easy for your visitors to listen and share episodes directly through your site. You can use any podcast host and it’s up to you whether you want to use the built-in audio player or embed a third-party one.

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