Wednesday Show Prep – Big Brother Part Deux Edition

Want to stay in a hotel room for $1 per night? A hotel in Japan will let you do that — as long as you make your room available for a 24-hour livestream. The strangest thing about that is the fact that they are still charging you. You’re providing them with content, so it seems like it should be free.

If you’re not willing to go full cam girl, you could get paid to smoke pot in your house instead. A company is offering $3,000/month to smoke pot and post reviews. Seems like a better deal than paying to have a webcam in your hotel room.

A California family is blaming a FedEx delivery driver for the death of their dog. Apparently said driver dropped a package on the dog. The animal’s veterinarian said the dog suffered serious injuries to her lungs and liver.

Bonus animal death story: Emotional support parrot dies after mistaken pet store pickup.

Here’s another thing to worry about: “Feather Duvet Lung.” 43-year-old man in Scotland felt sick and fatigued, often experiencing breathlessness with no relief. He sought medical attention and was subsequently diagnosed with a lower respiratory tract infection. Initially, his symptoms remedied — breathing became a bit easier and he felt less tired. But a month later, his health regressed.

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