Podcast Coaching Services

So you’ve decided to start a podcast…

Launching a podcast can be overwhelming. It is a long, confusing process with many hurdles. For most budding podcasters, it’s their first foray into content creation. So it’s easy to miss a few steps.

That’s where I can help. I can be your Sherpa, guiding you to the top of the mountain of podcasting greatness. I have over 15 years of experience as a radio producer, helping hosts turn their ideas into interesting and compelling content.

So send me an email and let’s get started.

Basic Package: $250

This package is for people who already have their idea plotted out and ready to go, they just need to know how to get it out there into the world. This package includes 2 total hours of coaching, unlimited email access, and one round of feedback. I can also provide equipment recommendations, along with tips and tricks for interviews and recording. We’ll tackle the questions keeping you up at night and polish up your plan for launching your podcast.

Starter Package: $500

The Starter Package is for creators who know what they want their podcast to be about, but need some help on how to turn that idea into a “show.” It includes 4 hours of total coaching total, and unlimited email access. I will also cover how to produce your podcast from a technical perspective, including equipment recommendations, hosting service recommendations and how to record and interview.

Elite Package: $750

The Elite Package includes 6 hours of total coaching, two 30-minute coaching calls and unlimited email access. We’ll cover all the bases from the basic and starter packages, but get more in depth and develop a plan for launching and marketing your podcast.

Premium Package: $1000

The Premium Package is for creators looking for an expert to guide you step-by-step through everything you need to know to develop and launch your podcast from the ground up. We’ll also cover guest booking, best interview and recording practices, podcast hosting and social media presence. The package includes 8 hours of total coaching, unlimited email access, copy-editing, and four 30-minute coaching sessions.

Light This Candle Package: $1250

The Light This Candle Package is for creators who want creative assistance developing their idea, traning on all of the technical aspects of producing a podcast and the support you need to get your podcast off the ground when you’re ready to launch. We’ll also cover guest booking, best interview and recording practices, podcast hosting platforms and social media presence, marketing and maintaining your podcast after launch It includes 10 hours of pre-launch coaching, plus 4 hours after your podcast is ready for the world to hear, for feedback, hosting set-up, and launch support.

I’m ready to help, let’s schedule a time to talk: