Monday Show Prep – Employment Opportunity Edition

A New York family is looking to hire a social media photographer who can double as a “mother’s helper.” The listing, posted on Craigslist, says the ideal candidate must have photography and photo-editing skills, specifically experience shooting young children and families. The person should also be internet and Instagram savvy. I literally can’t think of anything more eyeroll-inducing than someone trying to hire a staffer to make them social media stars.

Bring your child to work day: A Popeyes employee in Texas was fired for bringing their eight year old child to help deal with the influx of chicken sandwich-seekers. Video showed up online of the child mixing the flour for the batter while donning an apron and sneakers. He was fired. I get the potential legal problems, but they probably should have slapped the employee on the wrist rather than firing them.

A woman in New Jersey was accused by her local Aldi of bringing in a fake baby to steal yogurts. Two things: 1) The baby was 100% real. 2) The yogurts were only $.25, so it’s not likely anyone would steal them.

A Michigan retiree has lost a home over an $8.41 tax bill. He’s 83 years old, and bought the three-bedroom house in 2011 for $60,000. He converted into a rental property, and notices were sent to the property and not passed along by the renters. He actually kept paying taxes on the property until the renters left because the state had sold the house.

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