Friday Show Prep – Trick or Treat Edition

An Australian anti-vaxxer mom said she was giving trick-or-treaters chicken-pox tainted lollipops for Halloween, claiming the candies would help give kids the infection that her son has so they can get the chicken pox over with and be immune for life. How would you react if you found out after the fact that some genius in your neighborhood did that?

A man dressed in a Jesus Halloween costume allegedly punched a San Diego police officer. The officer suffered a two-inch cut to his eye and was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. Jesus is still on the loose. I’m just glad to see that someone remembered the reason for the season and was keeping Christ in Halloween.

A California couple planned to having a home birth, but they ran into a little problem… they were displaced by the wildfires. So they moved into a hotel and took their midwife with them. The hotel didn’t even know about the birth until a guest made a noise complaint and the front desk called the room asking if everything was OK.

An electrical engineer in Florida landed his job with a bogus college degree and fake credentials. He even at one point impersonated the Mayor in an email. He wasn’t caught for six years, and only then because he applied for a promotion and their new vetting process uncovered that all of the documents he supplied years earlier were bogus. It’s a little like Catch Me If You Can, except Frank Abagnale was smart enough to keep moving on, so he didn’t get caught for a long time. He’s in jail now and might have to pay back his salary.

And finally, “Woman Gets 20 Years For Sex At Machete-Point.”

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