Thursday Show Prep – Where The Sidewalk Ends Edition

A homeowner in Virginia is searching for answers after the sidewalk near her home was stolen. She noticed the thievery after she came back from work, and so far no one has been able to tell her what’s happening or why. She’s worried that someone might get hurt. No so much because she’s concerned for her neighbors and more because she’s worried she could get sued or something. Undeniable proof that people will steal anything, even if it is nailed down.

A train rider at a New York station on Monday noticed some suspicious packages sitting around, so did their civic duty and reported it. It turned out the packages were actually devices used to report suspicious items lying around the train station. So, I guess they worked?

The Reagan Presidential Library has been saved from the California wildfires by an unlikely hero: Goats. The Ventura County Fire Department brings hundreds of goats every May to eat the brush around the perimeter of the library. That created a natural fire break.

Just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season, the folks at Snappy have released a list of the worst gifts employees have gotten from their company. The worst gift I ever got for the holidays was getting laid off right before Thanksgiving. I’m pretty sure that counts.

BONUS – Error in Judgement: McDonald’s apologises for ‘Sundae Bloody Sundae’ promotion

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