Tuesday Show Prep – Thoroughly Unimpressed Edition

Dr. Gregg Semenza called his mom to tell her that he had won the Nobel Prize. Unfortunately he did so at 4am, so she thought it was a crank call. It’s a little like the scene in Major League where the Cleveland Indians call Lou Brown at his tire shop to offer him their manager job and he has someone on the other like looking for tires. Anyone have a good story about a time when something big happened to you and no one believed you?

The 21 year old Florida man who spent 10 days in jail after he overslept and missed jury duty had his record cleared by a judge. That’s nice and all, except for one little problem: Anyone who Googles his name is going to see all of the coverage about the story around the country. So it might as well still be on his record. He did demonstrate a good deal of maturity in reaction to the situation, so hopefully that’ll be the big takeaway for everybody.

What is with the national epidemic of people breaking into homes to commit mundane tasks… many times naked? Authorities say a Pennsylvania homeowner who heard someone singing inside his home found a naked man drinking milk in his kitchen. The homeowner called police and the man was taken into custody.

You can new book a night in the Goodyear Blimb on AirBnb. It’s for a limited time in advance of Michigan-Notre Dame on Oct. 26. For around $150/night, people will have the chance to visit the hangar in Ohio and stay overnight on Oct. 22, 23 and 24. The only bummer is the blimp will be grounded during your stay. But of course, given the somewhat spotty history of airships, that might not be a bad idea. (Also, just to get really geeky, the Goodyear Blimb isn’t actually a blimp anymore. In 2017 they were replaced by Zeppelins. But I guess “Goodyear Zeppelin” doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

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