Monday Show Prep – Excessively Enthusiastic Edition

Rescue crews were dispatched to a report of a distressed party on a mountain in Colorado. It turned out the hikers were merely waving because they were very friendly Canadians. How would you feel if you were the rescuers and got all the way up there only to find they were just really polite? It seems like both sides have a good story to tell. But what’s the most epic misunderstanding you’ve had in your life?

A Texas man who robbed a bank a day before his wedding to pay for the ring and the venue. He turned himself in after his fiancée saw he was wanted by the authorities. He could face up to 99 years in prison if convicted, so I hope the prison he goes to has conjugal visits.

A woman accused of shoplifting from a Big Lots she climbed into the store’s ceiling when she heard police were on the way and stayed there for more than 6 hours. She is charged with felony criminal mischief, petit theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting a merchant and resisting law enforcement without violence. You almost have to admire the commitment.

Authorities are investigating how a woman managed to board a Delta Air Lines flight from Orlando to Atlanta without identification or a boarding pass. I could possibly see how she could have tossed her boarding pass after it was scanned at the gate, but CNN is reporting she was not ticketed for the flight at all. If that’s the case, how is it this woman managed to get through TSA without an ID or a boarding pass, but the last time I flew a few weeks ago I got felt up by an agent and my carry-on bag had to be inspected twice. So many questions.

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