Wednesday Show Prep – Ultimate Meet Cute Story Edition

A woman in North Carolina decided to divorce her husband and run off the the DJ from their wedding. The woman was married to her previous husband for about a year, before she decided to give him the heave ho. She reconnected with the DJ as a friend, and then eventually decided he was marriage material. It must have been awkward when the DJ asked the now ex-husband for a Yelp review. If you’re that couple, is that a great meet-cute story or one that you avoid talking about at all costs?

The United States Army posted an online solicitation last week that wasn’t looking for warm bodies to meet recruiting quotas, but cold bodies for medical purposes. The Army is looking for fresh frozen cadavers from pelvis to the toe tip with sacrum, shoulders with arms and clavicles and various other body parts. So, if you ever thought about serving your country in the military, but didn’t quite get around to it, your cold dead hands can do so.

A middle-aged couple in Austria received about 25,000 ecstasy pills in the mail by mistake. They were expecting a package that was supposed to contain dresses bought online from a retailer in the Netherlands. Instead, the got a special delivery from Walter White. In other news, apparently ecstasy pills are available through mail order.

A Swiss tourist took LSD at Disneyland Paris, fell into a lake, then disappeared for hours before turning up naked more than a mile away. The Swiss man, who admitted to taking LSD for a bet, was barefoot “in the middle of the road” and “did not have a centimeter of clothes on him.” I think we’ve all had our fair share of morning like that.

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