New Addition: Car Con Carne

When I started this web venture a few months ago, I wanted to use it as a platform for some ideas I’d been kicking around for a while and also give a digital shout out to some of my friends who are creating their own content.

Here at Gabatron you’ll see original content like my daily shtick (Gabatron Morning Briefing) and my projects with Dan Levy (Gabatron) and Elliott Serrano (Geek/CounterGeek). You’ll also see  content mixed in from people like Matt McClure and his friend Alyson Charles (Tub Talks), Darren Marlar (Daily Dose of Weird News) and Mike Stiles (Social Marketing Quickie). They are some of the extremely talented people I’ve had the chance to work with over the years in the wonderful and strange world of radio. I really like the idea of sharing their work and maybe exposing it to people who wouldn’t otherwise see it.

Enter James VanOsdol. James and I met during my glorious eight months at WGN Radio. James is a pro, a veteran of the radio trenches and an absolute delight to work with. About a year ago, he and his friend Mike Bratton started a podcast called “Car Con Carne” where they would visit local Chicago BBQ joints and then chow down in James’s Mazda 3 and talk both about their food and also what was going on in the world and their lives at the time. I immediately liked it a lot, and asked James if I could add it to the list of podcasts I show off on Gabatron, to which James responded with an enthusiastic “Meh, I don’t see why not.”

So Car Con Carne will be popping up every other week here at Gabatron. Please do give it a listen, I think you’ll like it. And of course, if you do like it, please think about stopping by their Patreon page.

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