Lifeline On The Air – The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus: Part Four – Santa Claus

This week we bring you the conclusion of our four part serialized adaptation of The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, by L Frank Baum, best known as the author of The Wonderful World of Oz. Tonight’s installment, Part 4: Santa Claus continues his story of how he came to be who he is even as his last night on earth slips away. Under advice from the Queen of the Fairies, he had determined that all children deserve happiness, and now he had to figure out how to make toys for them all and how to get the toys to them.

Bilal Dardai as Claus

Anthony Kayer as Jack Frost

Heather Currie as Necile the Nymph

Patrick Blashill as Ak, the Great Woodsman of the world

Jenifer Tyler as Queen Zurline

Manny Tamayo as the Gnome King

Katie McLean Hainsworth as Flossie the deer

Amanda Link as Glossie the deer

James E Grote as Will Knook and King of the Sleep Fays

Peter Greenberg as Prince of the Knooks

Dorothy Milne as The Queen of the Fairies

Andrés Enriquez as Prince of Ryls and King of the Wind Demons

Sandy Snyder as the Queen of the Water Sprites

Music by John Benedeck

This episode is produced by Patreon supporter Heather Hagan. Micah Adams is our Executive Producer. Join our Patreon supporters.

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