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Thursday Show Prep – Parade of Dumb Edition

I don’t know what’s going on today, but there’s a tidal wave of dumb criminal stories. So let’s focus on that for the day, shall we?

A woman has allegedly been caught stealing multiple pairs of jeans from a clothing store.

A Wisconsin man arrested for suspicion DWI also made fake license plates out of a beer case.

Speaking of idiots driving under the influence, a man pulled over for drinking and driving blamed his liquor breath on ‘making out’ with boozy girlfriend

A robbery suspect in England thought he could evade authorities by putting on a pair of glasses. That’s called the Superman Strategy.

Police in Kansas arrested a man who allegedly threatened police with a large candlestick during a disturbance at a church. Do you think he threatened to burn them with the candle or use the candle as a blunt object?

Keith Conrad got his first job in radio in Huntsville, Alabama the day after the 2000 Presidential election when he was a freshman in college. He’s produced radio shows in Huntsville, Milwaukee, WI, Atlanta, GA and finally back in his hometown of Chicago. Currently he lives in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood steps away from the Red Line. The train goes by so often you don’t even notice it. Keith has been dabbling in the Internet arts for a while now, in various roles both professional and just for fun.

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