Thursday Show Prep – Parade of Dumb Edition

I don’t know what’s going on today, but there’s a tidal wave of dumb criminal stories. So let’s focus on that for the day, shall we?

A woman has allegedly been caught stealing multiple pairs of jeans from a clothing store.

A Wisconsin man arrested for suspicion DWI also made fake license plates out of a beer case.

Speaking of idiots driving under the influence, a man pulled over for drinking and driving blamed his liquor breath on ‘making out’ with boozy girlfriend

A robbery suspect in England thought he could evade authorities by putting on a pair of glasses. That’s called the Superman Strategy.

Police in Kansas arrested a man who allegedly threatened police with a large candlestick during a disturbance at a church. Do you think he threatened to burn them with the candle or use the candle as a blunt object?

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