Tuesday Show Prep – Big Brother Edition

The state of Indiana charged a suspected drug dealer with theft for removing a government-owned GPS tracking device from his SUV. The Deep State (TM) puts a tracking device on your car and you have to pay them for it. So they are literally trying to make a case that you should pay for tracking you. Luckily the state supreme court seems a little confused as to how it’s the guy’s responsibility, but still.

Looking for something to do with your family while you’re trying to avoid politics this Thanksgiving? Uno has you covered. They have come out with a new “politics-free” version of the game. Which is interesting, because I never thought of Uno as being politically charged. The new version removes the red and blue cards — which could be seen as politically charged — and introduces a new VETO card to help families everywhere keep the peace.

The whole “OK, Boomer” thing has officially jumped the shark. Fox has decided to try to trademark the phrase “OK, Boomer.” Apparently they want to use it as the title of a comedy, reality or game show series.

Researchers believe they have come up with an accurate way to calculate a dog’s age. Apparently seven times a human’s age isn’t actually accurate. The new formula is based on the rate that molecules are added to DNA. You find their true age by taking their human years and multiplying it by 16 and then adding 31 to the total.

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