Wednesday Show Prep – Lost and Found Edition

Yellowstone’s Thermal Area Preservation Program, which dredges up litter stuck in the park’s iconic hot springs, pulled out an astounding 438 hats this summer alone — as well as 16,404 pieces of litter. I realize they’re basically just collecting garbage, but how cool would it be to say you’re part of the “Yellowstone Thermal Area Preservation team?” Also it’s a National Park not a dumpster. Pack out your trash. What’s wrong with you people?

Edward Snowden was on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and it turns out he didn’t just look into government intrusion into our lives, he also kept tabs on our alien overlords. Unfortunately he says he saw no evidence of hidden alien shenanigans in the government.

A man working in the office spaces above New Holland’s Knickerbocker is getting a steady stream of free beer after putting a clever sign in one of his windows. The sign sits an office window directly above the restaurant’s Tree Room. The sign is several feet tall and reads “PLEASE SEND BEER TO SAM ON FLOOR 3. THANK YOU!” Not all heroes wear capes.

A couple went on a vacation in Florida. Florida being the epicenter of all strange news stories, you have to know it didn’t go well. They woke up to find a snake in their hotel room. Staffers tried to identify the snake and told the couple it looked like a garden snake and it was not a threat

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