Monday Show Prep – Trick-or-Treat Edition

How old is too old to trick-or-treat? Chesapeake, Virginia has decided they need to crack down on those shenanigans. Anyone over the age of 13 who is caught trick-or-treating can be sent to jail for up to 6 months, and fined! When did you stop trick-or treating? I think it was about 11 or so for me. Certainly if you can drive, it’s a bit of a stretch. At what age do you cut that off? It’s a little tough to judge the age of a kid in a costume, so do you ask them questions? Like their favorite shaver and if they have an answer, they’re out?

A 136-room hotel with a rooftop garden will be built on top of a huge Nazi-era bunker in Germany. The bunker was designed to accommodate 18,000 people during air raids. It features 3.5-metre-thick walls, was built in 300 days in 1942 by 1,000 forced labourers. I’m a history buff and all, but that last one alone might not make it the single greatest idea for a tourist destination, but what do I know?

An Ohio man says local officials cut a building in half to end a property dispute with him. It happened following a complaint which contends township officials constructed a building that was partly on his property. So apparently King Soloman is in Ohio these days. Good for him.

A man is suing NBC Universal after he paid for an “unlimited refill” soda machine deal at one of the company’s theme parks — only to discover he had to wait a whole 10 minutes between each pour. The cups come with a computer chip to show you’ve paid for the bottomless deal — but the park was also tracking how often users top up, and are “programmed” to limit refills to every 10 minutes.

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