Tuesday Show Prep – Doomsday Edition

A family who spent nine years in a basement “waiting for the end of time” have been discovered by police in the Netherlands after one of them turned up at a local pub. Look, I understand thinking that the world is about to end, especially these days. But wouldn’t you re-think your decision long before you go to year nine? I would have completely run out of Futurama episodes to watch by the end of the first couple of months.

A Florida man who called 911 to report his roommate, who allegedly stole his weed, was asked to stop calling. Deputies said that the person called 911 because his roommate stole his weed — specifically $20 worth. Listen, he can’t be expected to just throw away $20 like that.

A highway construction project in Illinois ran into something completely unexpected: Human remains. It turns out when a cemetery was moved, they didn’t quite get to all of them. They moved the headstones, but not the bodies.

A family in Iowa might not want to go in their basement for a while. It was filled with nearly five inches of animal blood, fat and bones as a result of drainage from a meat locker next door. They say they lived in that house for ten years but have never had major issues until recently. That’s odd, the blood usually gets off at the second floor.

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