Thursday Show Prep – To Do List Edition

From the “It’s never too late” file: An 89-year-old woman who had never seen the ocean or mountains is now trying to visit all of the 61 national parks in the United States. I’m not going to be as eyeroll-inducing as to ask what your bucket list would be, but if you had the time to tackle an epic trip, what would you do?

A driver involved in a crash is accused of offering the victim free food from Chili’s Grill and Bar if the victim did not call officers to the scene. I think his problem is simply that he cheaped out and only offered food. As amazing as the food at Chili’s is, I would have negotiated and held out for a giant TV.

An Arkansas woman claims she repeatedly failed a sobriety test during a traffic stop because her brother gave her a sandwich laced with meth. Nice to see families doing things together. She was pulled over because she was driving with her heads lights off. Because criminals are morons.

A teacher in Pennsylvania decided it was a good idea to give a homework assignment for first graders that involved two people running from the police. The assignment involved two people named Tom and Rob running from a cop: “Tom will run. He will run from the cop. Tom will run with Rob. They will not stop.” A parent decided to post that little gem on Facebook. What would be your line where an assignment is in fact so stupid and/or outrageous that you decide to shame the teacher on social media?

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