Wednesday Show Prep – Unfriendly Skies Edition

A Lufthansa passenger spotted his abandoned suitcase on the airport tarmac, despite being told it had been loaded. He even posted a picture of his bags lonely tarmac vigil as the airplane pulled away from the gate. Obviously, everyone who has flown with any regularity at all can identify with your luggage being lost. But the thing that really struck a chord with me was the airline patting the poor person on the head telling them their luggage had been loaded when they were literally looking right at it on the tarmac. The good news is the luggage did eventually made it.

A California woman died at the age of 102. You might view that as noteworthy because the woman lived such a long life, or you might think it’s not noteworthy because someone who is 102 is living on borrowed time. However it’s extremely noteworthy because DirecTV sent her a notice that she’ll be hit with an “early termination fee.” It’s $160.

Police in Texas are searching for whoever stabbed a man with a sword. Police said an argument between two men over a desktop computer escalated and one man cut the other man with what police believe was a sword. Witnesses said the suspect was quoted as saying “There can be only one.”

Speaking of unusual weaponry, A Louisiana woman is accused of pistol-whipping her husband with a pair of Nerf guns “in retaliation for his alleged infidelity.” Shewas arrested for domestic battery and child endangerment. The latter charge was because she allegedly attacked the victim while the couple’s four children “were present in the house when this incident occurred.” I think this opens up a whole new market for Nerf guns.

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