Tuesday Show Prep – Motivated Seller Edition

A real estate agent in Michigan decided it was a good idea to post pictures of a host they were listing with the “Scream” villain lurking in all of the rooms. It’s certain gotten the seller more attention than the average listing. But would gimmick like that actually help the house sell any quicker?

A Florida church that has grown too large for its amenities at a local high school is buying a large strip club where they can house their growing congregation. I believe the Bible does say “they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their stripper poles into altars.”

A man was arrested after authorities said he dialed 911 to unlock his car four times. That’s a special kind of entitled jerk who decides that getting locked out of your car is 911-worthy. I would have a hard time calling a friend of family member to help me, due to sheer embarrassment from having done it in the first place, let alone calling 911.

A group dining at an IHOP restaurant in North Carolina reportedly became violent after learning that their refills of orange juice weren’t free. They even assaulted an IHOP manager, who sustained non-life-threatening injuries. If aliens landed on Earth tomorrow, how would we explain 2019?

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