Friday Show Prep – Give Me A Newsworthy Death Edition

A skydiver crashed into a big rig trailer on a central California highway and died. First of all, what are the odds that she would actually land on a moving truck like that? Second, I’ve never been skydiving, but if I did I would not be worried about it. If everything goes according to plan, you’ve got an exciting experience and a great story to tell. If everything doesn’t go according to plan, your death is going to be extremely newsworthy. Win-win.

NASA has released a video of a black hole shredding a star in oblivion. The supermassive black hole is located about 375 million light-years away in a galaxy of similar size to the Milky Way. Meanwhile, there are still people on Earth who think the planet is flat.

Here’s one more thing to worry about: An Ohio woman says she caught the cashier at her local Burger King taking a picture of her credit card. She was in the drive thru. The manager took his phone and sure enough there was more than one credit card on there. I would have thought the creepy king was the biggest thing we had to worry about at Burger King.

A Virginia woman says that a squirrel walked up to her, tugged on her leg and led her to its injured baby. She didn’t think she could help, so she called police and animal control and they were eventually able to help the animals return to the tree they call home. Anyone else think animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit for and any moment you expect them to start talking like Nibbler from Futurama? Just me?

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