Tuesday Show Prep – Rageaholics Anonymous Edition

The Florida Highway Patrol is searching for a driver that rammed a woman in her car multiple times after becoming upset it took her so long to dig for change at the toll booth. They know who did it because they were able to track the person down through their registration, but they haven’t been able to physically locate them yet. Ok, I’m sure it hasn’t been this bad because you’re a completely reasonable person, but what’s the most angry you’ve ever been while you were waiting in line for something?

According to a recent survey, seven percent of Americans believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Well, on the plus side, I think that’s actually fewer people who believe we didn’t land on the Moon.

Gig alert: Looking for a job? Are you a big fan of garlic bread? For $30 an hour for just one day, you get to spend the day in Brisbane, Australia eating “delicious garlic breads” and other products being tested by Domino’s Pizza. Of course, you’d have to live in Australia, where literally everything is trying to kill you.

Officers in a Massachusetts police department briefly turned into Amazon drivers after a stash of undelivered packages was found in a cemetery. There were about 20 packages or so, addressed to residents in their community, so police took it upon themselves to deliver them. They’ll also be investigating to find out how the packages ended up in the ultimate dead letter office to begin with.

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