Friday Show Prep – Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons Edition

A freak boating accident left a 14-year-old Manatee County boy with an anchor lodged in his skull, and doctors call his survival story “one in a million.” He’s in good spirits about it, saying that his friends now call him “Anchorman.” He’s kind of a big deal. People know him.

A British guy who lost his toe to frostbite donated it to that bar in the Yukon territory that puts them in drinks. He’s now the first person in the history of the bar to actually drink the beverage with his own toe in it. I have basically one goal in life: To leave it with all of the appendages I started it with. I like to think that if I did lose one, I’d like to think I’d approach the situation with that level of good humor. But I’d probably just be huddled in the fetal position for months if not years.

A woman in Colorado Springs thought it was a good idea to pick up an injured bobcat and put it in her car. The woman placed the mortally wounded wild cat in the backseat of her car – where her child was seated. Listen, I’m no expert, but putting a wild animal in the car with your child doesn’t seem like the greatest idea.

Speaking of kids in danger, a young student called 911 to report that his driver was drunk and had run red lights. Police later arrested the driver, Catherine Maccarone, 48, for driving under the influence. This was in Washington state, but I think it’s a good idea to mention their name because it takes a special kind of scumbag to drive a school bus drunk. Apparently she is normally very strict, but this time she let the kids sit wherever they wanted to and was also dropping some colorful metaphors.

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