Thursday Show Prep – Rapid Unscheduled Descent Edition

A Delta Air Lines pilot had to make a rapid, controlled descent of nearly 30,000 feet after getting an alarm on an Atlanta flight. Delta told reporters that pilots learned of a depressurization issue. The pilots deployed oxygen masks for the passengers and made the “controlled descent.” What’s the scariest experience you’ve ever had on a flight? I ran into some severe turbulence on a flight, during which the flight attendant came on the PA system and started singing the theme to Gilligan’s Island. Plus, there was the time Dan Deibert took me up in a Cessna and my door wasn’t closed. That was interesting.

A Texas man is wanted by authorities after they said he filed for and completed a divorce from his wife without ever telling her. Apparently he forged documents and submitted false information to the court. He also allegedly submitted a waiver of service with a forged signature from a notary. She may have been surprised by it, but I would imagine at this point she’s probably better off without him.

A 19-year-old woman in Nebraska sparked an apartment fire by burning love letters from her ex in her bedroom. She used a butane torch to burn the letters and left some of them of the floor. She then went to another room to take a nap.

The people who live near Area 51 in Nevada are feeling overwhelmed by all of the tourists. They’re bracing for trouble after millions of people responded to the “Storm Area 51” Facebook post weeks ago. The U.S. Air Force has issued stern warnings for people not to approach the gates of the Nevada Test and Training Range, but people want to “see them aliens.” Let’s say just for the sake of argument there were aliens at Area 51, they’ve given them months of lead time to move them. Just saying.

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