Wednesday Show Prep – Missed Promotional Opportunity Edition

A California woman gave birth to a bouncing baby in the parking lot of her local Jack In The Box restaurant. This is a missed opportunity on her part. These stories pop up in the news periodically, and you know the company is going to view it as a marketing opportunity and give them all sorts of swag. So if you’re on the road to the hospital and it becomes obvious that you’re not going to make it all the way there, pick a place that will give you some better stuff. Give birth in the parking lot of a Best Buy, or a Telsa store. What would you pick?

A former Disney employee and his cousin are accused of stealing clothing and wigs from Disney rides and then selling them on the black market. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before. You’d think there would be more disgruntled employees looking to make some money on a potentially illegal side hustle. My guess is most employees are terrified about getting on the bad side of Mr. Mouse.

Authorities in Texas are on the hunt for a bank robber they have dubbed the “Mummy Marauder.” The suspect wrapped white gauze around his face and arms, the FBI said. He also wore a wig and baseball cap. This is clearly Universal grasping at straws to jump start their Monster Cinematic Universe.

The most Iowa news story in history: Farmer Todd Mullis told authorities his wife was an accident saying she was impaled by a pitchfork-type of corn rake at their farm. Police doubted story. That might have had something to do with the fact that her body had six puncture wounds when the rake only had only four prongs. Maybe.

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