Gabatron – #16: The Right Stuff

(Apologies for the less than stellar audio quality at the beginning, it clears up at the 3 minute mark)

Dan Levy and Keith Conrad mark the anniversary of a very specific date in Chicago sports history and talk a little bit about why people seem to be so obsessed with comparing sports figures from different eras.

Keith thinks that it’s time to have an intervention with advertising agencies who are overusing an Internet meme that used to bring joy to millions.

The President of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP has been “outed” as being white. She’s been telling people for years that she was an African-American woman,

Plus, the porn website Pornhub has launched an Indigogo campaign to raise $3.4 million to shoot a movie in space. Keith thinks they may need to put more thought into the physics of life in space.

Dan Levy is a veteran radio guy who recently had his first child. As a single guy, with virtually no responsibilities whatsoever, fellow radio guy Keith Conrad has taken on the responsibility of keeping Dan updated on the news, pop culture and the world in general.

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