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Geek/CounterGeek – #41: Why Do The Old Mentors (And Dogs) Always Die?

Keith spent the better part of the weekend parked in front of his TV watching the New Years Twilight Zone marathon. It’s become a tradition for him. This year he realized that there are some very valuable life lessons that can be learned from watching The Twilight Zone.

Plus, there’s been a disturbing pattern recently in stories of all kinds, from Star Trek to Star Wars and even the Rocky movies: They introduce us to a kind and wise old man who helps guide the hero of the story, and then they kill him off. Sure, they say it’s so the hero can grow but Keith and Elliott both agree it’s time for it to stop.

Each week Keith Conrad and Chicago’s Top Geek Elliott Serrano debate a controversial topic in contemporary geekery: Kirk vs. Picard? Was Douglas Quaid dreaming in Total Recall? No topic is off limits.

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2016 Predictions with Rob Hart, Jill Urchak & Keith Conrad

Listen to the Big John Howell Show weekday morning 5-9am CT on 890 WLS in Chicago.

Rob Hart and Jill Hart sat in for Big John Howell on 890 WLS as John took some time off during the holidays. Rob, Jill and Executive Producer Keith Conrad took some time out on New Years Day to speculate on the upcoming events of 2016. Predictions include Donald Trump’s use of the Apprentice television program to select a running mate, a meteorite of death, Hillary Clinton’s true gender, and events to take place in the 2016 Olympic games.

Tales From The Red Line: New Years Edition

Listen to the Big John Howell Show weekday morning 5-9am CT on 890 WLS in Chicago.

Keith Conrad produces the Big John Howell Show on 890 WLS in Chicago. He has to take the Red Line in Chicago into work every day at 3am, and every morning is an adventure. The CTA offered free rides to people returning home from New Years Eve celebrations, and that made the Red Line far more crowded than usual which led to even more hilarity and awkwardness.