Time Enough At Last – #36: A World of His Own

Victoria West is dumbfounded when she looks in the window of her husband’s study and sees him with a pretty blonde. But she’s even more shocked when she barges in and finds him utterly alone! Playwright Gregory West calmly explains that all he need do is describe anything into his dictaphone and —poof!—it magically appears. To make it vanish, he just throws the tape in the fire. He demonstrates both actions, first with his mistress and then—when Victoria tries to run off—with a full-grown elephant in the hallway. Unfortunately, Victoria’s still not convinced of her husband’s supernatural powers. It seems Gregory’s going to have to teach her a lesson…

Sean Magers and Keith Conrad are re-watching The Twilight Zone. Each week they share their reactions to each episode and even a little a little trivia along the way. The 36th and final episode of the first season was “A World Of His Own”

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