What Are We Going To Call This Thing? – #8: Blasphemy On Glarnack 7 Brought To You By Genulax

Dave has had a few moments in his life lately that have really driven home the fact that he is not a millennial. So Keith spent some time explaining some of the terminology.

Sadly the Cubs playoff run ended a little sooner than Keith would have liked, but for once he thinks he can say “Wait till next year” and actually mean it. Dave also spent a little time probing Keith’s history as a Cubs fan.

That star with the weird things orbiting around it may or may not have aliens nearby, but a new study suggests that human beings on Earth may actually be the oldest and most advanced civilization in the neighborhood. So forget about super intelligent aliens coming down to show us the way. Dave and Keith agree that’s a little scary.

Plus, Dave ends up sending the podcast onto a musical tangent that makes Keith a little squeamish.

Dave Stripling and Keith Conrad are producers for rival Chicago morning radio shows, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get along. This forbidden friendship is a lot like West Side Story, except with less finger-snapping.

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