What Are We Going To Call This Thing? – #2: If You Try To Eat Me, I Will Puncture Your Head With Something

Earlier this week Keith was talking with a friend about movies that you like that are horrible, by all objective standards. Keith’s is probably a little more embarrassing than Dave’s.

Keith believes that he has uncovered a plot hole in the Walking Dead franchise so terrible that he may not be able to watch either of the shows anymore. Sadly though, it’s probably something that only he would care about. There is a bigger problem with the genre of zombie movies and TV shows that both Keith and Dave completely agree on.

Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who is refusing to give marriage licenses to gay couples is in jail. Keith thinks she needs a good prison nickname.

Plus, Dave makes the entire city of Naperville, Illinois cry.

Dave Stripling and Keith Conrad are producers for rival Chicago morning radio shows, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get along. This forbidden friendship is a lot like West Side Story, except with less finger-snapping.

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