Gabatron – #14: 50 Shades of Stupid

A new poll says that 34% of people believe that Michael Jordan today at age 52 could still beat LeBron James on the basketball court. Keith Conrad and Dan Levy discussed what that would look like, and whether or not Jordan’s walker would scuff the court.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of very strange stories involving our education system. A teacher in West Virginia is in hot water because of the video they showed their class as a reward for doing well. Plus, a biology teacher in Oklahoma City is also facing the wrath of some angry parents for taking time out of class to put together a viral video of questionable content.

Dan Levy is a veteran radio guy who recently had his first child. As a single guy, with virtually no responsibilities whatsoever, fellow radio guy Keith Conrad has taken on the responsibility of keeping Dan updated on the news, pop culture and the world in general.

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34% of fans think Michael Jordan, at 52, could still beat LeBron James
High school students caught watching ’50 Shades of Grey’
School apologizes for video of students dancing with dead cats in biology class
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