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Weatherman Perfectly Pronounces “Llanfairpwllgwyngyll-gogerychwyrndrobw-llllantysiliogogogoch”

Most Americans think that England is a little funny. They call the bathroom the ‘loo’ and french fries are called ‘chips.’ But it gets a whole lot crazier than that. There’s actually a village called, “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.” For real. A weatherman on Channel 4 News actually recited the proper pronunciation of the town on a recent weather report.

Grizzly Bear Slaps GoPro

Bears of all kinds can be found across the United States. But they really run free and rule in Alaska where the human population density is so small. Naturalist Brad Josephs daringly traveled the giant northern state and bumped into some grizzly bears. He captured the intense scene on his GoPro which is going viral.

Hackers Take Control Of A Jeep On The Highway

We all love our brand new smarter cars that are often able to connect to our smart phones and even the Internet. Now, we never have to leave the Internet behind even when we’re on the road. But there’s a downside to our new interconnected world. It may be surprising to learn, but now most modern day cars are susceptible to being hacked. WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg bravely took the wheel of a 2014 Jeep while his friends hacked nearly every aspect of the vehicle miles away over the Web.

Blue Angels Buzz Florida Beach

Last weekend, the United States Navy’s world famous Blue Angels fighter jet demonstration squadron blew the minds of beachgoers in Pensacola, Florida. Literally. The jets flew so low over the beach that vacationers’ beach tents and umbrellas were launched into the air.

Great White Shark Attacks Divers In Shark Cage

Many tourists enjoy sharks up close and personal in the safety of a shark cage. But it can still be a terrifying experience as Hillary Rae and her friends learned. She and a few others were in a shark cage on the coast of South Africa when a giant 11 foot Great White Shark attacked them and gnawed on the bars of the cage.

Pouring Coke Onto Molten Lead

The Internet was grossed out a year ago when they saw what happens when you boil Coca Cola. Now there’s a new experiment involving Coke to gawk at. This is what happens when you take a pan of molten lead and poured a can of Coke on top. The results are gorgeous! It actually looks a little like the clouds of Jupiter.