The Greatest Story Ever Podcast – #1: Last Minute Cross-County Adventures

Everyone has that one story that will win them all sorts of bar bets over the course of their life. People are sure you have to be making it up, but it’s one hundred percent true. Those are the kinds of stories I’m trying to collect in this podcast. One example is my friend Amy Jacobson. She is a fellow life-long Cubs fan who really wanted to see the team play in the 20-16 playoffs, despite the fact that she would need to travel across the country at the drop of a hat to do so. You could also take a look at my friend Liz Biddle. She suddenly found herself at the Hollywood premiere of Avengers End Game thanks to some clever guesswork by her husband and some intervention from Ryan Reynolds.

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Photo by Nils Nedel on Unsplash

What I Listened To This Week – 2-28-20

  • The Press Box: Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker preview the South Carolina primary.
  • The Space Above Us: JP Burke is a software engineer working at the Goddard Space Flight Center, who is creating a podcast about every single US space flight in history. The most recent episode is talking about STS-28 in 1989, which was one of the double-secret Air Force missions.
  • The Only One In The Room: Laura Cathcart Robbins talks to Major Williams, who is running for Mayor of Pasadena. Oh yeah, he’s also an African-American Republican. That fits in pretty perfectly with the premise of her podcast, since he’s probably been the only African-American Republican in the room on more than one occasion.