The Greatest Story Ever Podcast – #3: Starring In A Presidential Debate with Ken Bone (And His Sweater)

In an election year, it’s good to check in with Ken Bone. Ken pretty much dominated mass media for a few wonderful days during the 2016 Presidential election. Ken asked one of the questions during a nationally televised Presidential debate, and for a brief moment everyone stopped the partisan brick throwing contest and admired his every-man-ness and his red sweater. I wanted to talk to Ken about what the process is like to take part in a Presidential debate, and then what it was like when suddenly he became the most famous man in viral media for a few days.

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What I Listened To This Week – 3-13-20

  • Based on a True Story: Dan LeFebvre talks with UFO expert Rob Kristoffersen about the historical accuracy of the History Channel’s TV show. They’re debating the context of the series, not really the aliens. Well, a little bit of the aliens.
  • The Road to Now: Ben Sawyer and Bob Crawford speak with Dr. Chuck Keeney about the history of coal in the United States. It’s actually a replay of an interview from 2017. But it was new to me.
  • The Ringer MLB Show: Ben Lindbergh and Zach Kram discuss the big news that there won’t be any big news for a while, because MLB is shutting things down for a while until the coronavirus outbreak loses some steam.

Garry Meier Show – Episode #614: Some of You Get The Oral Thermometer, Everyone Else Gets The Rectal

There are already a lot of things being shut down because of the coronavirus, but Garry has an idea for another that might actually be helpful. Meanwhile, the world is holding its collective breath waiting for health updates on Tom Hanks. Plus, evidence that there would be an age limit for attending the rodeo.

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The Greatest Story Ever Podcast – #2: Virtual Kidnapping Scheme

It would appear they are completely stifling the entrepreneurial spirit over in England. Plus, I talk to mild-mannered Chicago radio producer Justin Kosek. One day a couple of years ago, he was minding his own business at work, when suddenly he found out that his family was basically living the 1996 Ron Howard film Ransom.

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