Financial Podcasts Worth Checking Out

Maybe it’s because my wife and I are trying to save money to build a house, but lately I’ve been on a financial podcast kick. I thought I’d take you guys along.

Financial podcasts are an excellent way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news in the industry while gaining valuable insights from experts. Here are some of the top financial podcasts to check out:

  • The Motley Fool: This podcast is hosted by two of the founders of The Motley Fool, a well-known investment research firm. They discuss the latest news and trends in the stock market, as well as providing advice on investing and personal finance.
  • Freakonomics Radio: While not exclusively focused on finance, Freakonomics Radio explores the economics of everyday life. Hosted by economist Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen Dubner, the podcast features interviews with experts on a wide range of topics, including money and finance.
  • Planet Money: Produced by NPR, Planet Money takes a deep dive into the economy and the forces that shape it. The podcast covers everything from the basics of personal finance to the complexities of global trade and finance.
  • How to Money: This podcast is hosted by two friends who are passionate about personal finance. They cover a range of topics, from budgeting and saving to investing and retirement planning, with a focus on practical advice that listeners can apply to their own lives.
  • The BiggerPockets Money Podcast: BiggerPockets is a popular real estate investing website, and their Money Podcast focuses on personal finance and investing. Hosted by Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench, the podcast features interviews with experts and real people who have achieved financial success.
  • So Money: Hosted by financial expert Farnoosh Torabi, So Money features interviews with successful entrepreneurs, authors, and experts in a variety of fields. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from personal finance to career development and entrepreneurship.
  • InvestED: Hosted by Phil Town and his daughter Danielle, InvestED focuses on value investing and provides practical advice for beginners. The podcast covers topics such as stock selection, risk management, and portfolio management.
  • Money for the Rest of Us: This podcast is hosted by David Stein, a former institutional investment manager who now focuses on helping individual investors manage their own portfolios. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from investing and retirement planning to economics and financial history.
  • Afford Anything: Hosted by Paula Pant, Afford Anything is all about achieving financial freedom and designing your dream lifestyle. The podcast covers topics such as real estate investing, travel hacking, and building passive income streams.

Financial podcasts are a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay informed and educated on the world of finance. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned investor, there’s a podcast out there for you.

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