Learn From The Prose – #1: Chuck Murphree: Author of “Everything That Makes Us Feel”

Chuck Murphree‘s full-time job is working as a teacher at Waunakee High School in Wisconsin. He wrote his first novel “Everything That Makes Us Feel” aimed at young adults, hoping the book will raise awareness about teen mental health. It was published in 2020. Chuck talked about what motivated him to get started writing and how his writing process has evolved now that he is a grizzled writing veteran.

(2:20) How did you balance working as a teacher and writing?
(3:20) Did you set a deadline for yourself while you were writing?
(5:00) Inspiration for “Everything That Makes Us Feel”
(8:00) Lots of bad writing before you find your voice
(10:00) “I need to write and get my words out there”
(12:00) Dealing with rejection and learning from it
(13:00) How long did it take to write your first book?
(16:00) Staying motivated despite setbacks
(19:00) Dealing with the vulnerability of putting your ideas out there
(21:00) How has your process changed since your first book?

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