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Gabatron Morning Briefing – 1-14-16: Delaying Adulthood

You might have to be at least 21 to buy tobacco where I am here in Chicago soon. On Wednesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced an ordinance raising the minimum age from 18 to 21. The measure includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. So at this point are you really an “adult” at 18 anymore or are you basically still a kid until you turn 21 since you’re not actually able to make decisions for yourself?

Mayor Emanuel is also introducing an ordinance to keep taps on people renting out spaces on Airbnb. The ordinance would require units that are rented out fewer than 90 nights per year to be registered for free online. The city would track these units and respond to complaints about them. Oh year, there would also be a 2 surcharge by the city.

Someone has started a Facebook group asking people to help push Trump Tower into the Chicago River. So far about 7,000 people have signed up for the event, which would be on January 29th. Maybe there’s a structural engineer out there who could tell us how many people would have to push on a building for it to fall over?

It looks like the war between the Ricketts family and the Wrigleyville rooftop owners may officially be over. The Cubs just bought three more of the rooftop clubs around Wrigley Field. That means they own 10 of the 16 rooftops. They’ve even started a new website to keep all of their business together.

Ted Cruz has picked up the coveted Duck Dynasty endorsement. He has a new video on his website with Phil Robertson explaining why he is the logical choice for POTUS.

Meanwhile, a Constitutional law professor has written a detailed article for the Washington Post explaining why Ted Cruz is *not* eligible to be President of the United States. tl;dl – the common law definition of “Natural born” citizen is someone who was physically born in a country, when the Constitution was written they believed that allegiance came from your country of birth and intended to specifically require that all Presidents be born here.

Really, America? Sales of the shirt El Chapo was wearing when he was photographed with Sean Penn are skyrocketing. What about the shirt El Chapo was wearing when he handcuffed that guy in a bathtub and chopped him up with a chainsaw?

A Wisconsin man has been convicted of threatening to kill President Obama… with a slingshot. Actually, he just threatened to shoot the President, and it turned out the only weapon he had in his possession was a slingshot.

Not to harp on the Steven Avery thing, but his ex-fiance, who was featured in Making A Murderer says that he was guilty. She also claims she asked the filmmakers not to use her in the film, but they did anyway. She also says that while they were still together, Avery threatened her and told her to “make him look good… or else.” Oh yeah, he was also abusive in their relationship.

You think the budget situation is bad here in Illinois? In Nigeria they don’t have a budget because the parliament lost their budget documents.

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