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Gabatron Morning Briefing – 6-6-16: Great Parenting Through Craigslist

Father of the Year? A father was upset because his son skipped work, so he immediately put his car up for sale on Craigslist. His son’s discipline had been an issue for a year. It’s not just the job thing, but also marijuana use. He’s worried it could lead to harder drugs, to prison, to death. He had tried taking away his son’s cellphone, taking away social media, talking to him. Now he’s decided to go the shame route. Effective parenting or alienating the person who will eventually pick his nursing home?

A Wendella boat rescued a man who fell into the Chicago River off of the DuSable Bridge. The passengers didn’t even have to pay extra for the show. The owner of Wendella says it’s becoming more and more common these days, because the river is so much more busy than in years past.

The Chicago Police Department is ending the Violence Reduction Initiative on July 1st. So this is what it looks like when violence has been reduced in Chicago. This just happens to coincide with the IPRA releasing their videos of police incidents.

Also, as the Chicago Police follies continue: The person running the CPD Twitter decided to Tweet a “Throwback Thursday” picture of a helmet and baton from the 1968 Democratic Convention riots.

It turns out Edward Snowden actually did attempt to raise concerns about surveillance and privacy prior to leaking internal documents. The NSA had always claimed otherwise. Does that you a little more sympathetic to him?

A third grader in California has been banned from wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat. He got the hat last week when he skipped school to attend a Donald Trump rally. He even got it signed by The Donald. He wore it to school for three straight days, and the other kids started confronting him about it. He says it’s not the hat that’s the problem, the other children just don’t like him.

A lawmaker in Louisiana wants kids in school to recite part of the Declaration of Independence every day.

Someone hacked a digital sign in Dallas, they changed an otherwise innocent sign to read “Gorilla deserved it.”

An anonymous kid sent the National Park Service a pine cone with a note taped to it. Apparently he stole the pinecone from Sequoia National Park, but he later felt bad about it.

Richard Simmons has been hospitalized for “bizarre behavior.” Bizarre? Did the authorities just now see the things Richard Simmons has been doing for pretty much his entire life?

Donald Trump singled out an African-American supporter at an event on Friday. He was referencing an incident where a Trump supporter confronted a man in a KKK outfit, but all anyone took away from the comment was Trump calling him “my African-American.” People were either bemused in a “look at grampa saying something racist again” sort of way, or they were filled with outrage. For his part,the man spoke to his local paper and said that he wasn’t outraged. He basically said Trump was just referencing the previous incident in a less than artful way.

(Audio) Authorities think a parrot may have been a witness to the murder of its previous owner. Ever since the crime, the parrot keeps repeating back “Don’t f**king shoot.”