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Gabatron Morning Briefing – 7-5-16: People You May Know

Every once in a while, another story surfaces that makes Facebook look even more creepy and big brothery. Now they were tracking users to see who they were in close proximity to in order to suggest potential new friends. The feature used to be automatic, but will now be up to the user to turn it on. I was wondering how some people seemed to be showing up in the “People You May Know” area, especially when I didn’t actually have any common friends with them.

There has been lots of speculation about what President Obama will do when he leaves office. He’s obviously one of the youngest people to take on the role of “former President.” There have been serious suggestions, like running for Illinois Senator again and actually completing a full term this time, and a few people have thrown out the idea of Obama serving on the Supreme Court. But it turns out he may have slightly less ambitious plans: He and Rahm Emanuel used to talk about moving to Hawaii and opening a t-shirt stand. In an effort to avoid having to make any tough decisions, they’d only sell medium-sized white t-shirts.

According to a new survey, more than 50% of Americans are now streaming content on their TV’s. A quarterly study of audience viewing habits by The Nielsen Company said that for the first time on-demand subscription services have reached a 50% penetration rate in American TV households. According to Nielsen’s Total Audience Report Q1 2016, the use of subscription-based services in the home has caught up to the number of households that use DVR devices to watch content on demand, both of which now show 50% penetration rate in the home.

Remember the guy last week who became the first person killed when their car was in “autopilot” mode in his Tesla? It turns out he was watching a Harry Potter movie at the time.

NASA’s Juno spacecraft arrived at Jupiter after a five year trip. Juno’s supposed to take a close look at Jupiter and hopefully give scientists an idea of how the planet was former, and whether it actually has any solid mass or really is just all swirling gasses.

The state of New Jersey has decided that being murdered is no reason to stop paying off your student loan. They’ve ruled parents have to pay for the loan they co-signed for despite the fact that their son was murdered.

A Minnesota man decided it was a good idea to stop on the interstate to allow a group of ducks to pass. He ended up causing a Blue Brothers-like multiple car crash. The driver and his teenage son were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Interesting/Slightly Horrifying Stat of the Day: More than 5,300 U.S. water systems violated lead-testing rules last year.

Gabatron Morning Briefing – 2-9-16: The Seas Were Angry That Day, My Friends

Carnival Cruise Line had a rough weekend. The Anthem of the Seas sailed through hurricane-force winds and 30-foot waves off the East coast. Passengers were told to stay in their staterooms until the storm passed. It caused some cosmetic damage to the ship, knocking over furniture and four people reported injuries but none of them were serious. Passengers will receive a refund for their trouble plus half off a future cruise fare, should they decide to brave the high seas again.

The city of Chicago is failing to warn people that they might have high levels of lead in their water. The city is going a lot of work replacing water mains and meters, and according to a federal study that’s raising the level of lead in the water. But the city isn’t warning anyone that they could be in danger.

President Obama will address the Illinois State Legislature on Wednesday. The bad news is that the public will not be allowed in, only elected officials, people with credentials and invited guests.

Officials in Lincolnwood are recommending that pit bulls no longer be labeled in the village code as “vicious” based solely on their breed. Basically, they want pit bulls to be treated like every other kind of dog, which has to actually bite someone to be classified as “vicious.”

John McCain was on Fox News Channel responding to Donald Trump calling for waterboard and more torture. He was most concerned about Trump saying that he would “just classify it” if it was against the law, and asked if we want a President who would violate the law like that. He also talked about the fact that torture doesn’t usually lead to any useful information.

It turns out Scott Darling on the Blackhawks is a bit of a superhero. Apparently he helped out a random man who was down on his luck by paying for a place to stay for a whole month.

Michael Bloomberg has confirmed that he is considering a run for President as an independent. He thinks that frontrunners Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are too extreme. The deadline for a decision seems to be March, which would be around Super Tuesday, so it stands to reason that we’d have a pretty good idea who the nominees will be. Republicans hate him because of his Nanny State proclivities, Democrats hate him because he’s not a Democrat. The question is, does Joe Sweatsock hate him?

A Florida man went in the drive-thru at his local Wendy’s and threw a three-foot alligator through the window and into the restaurant. Apparently he picked the alligator up on the side of the road and took it to the restaurant. The incident happened back in October, but they just arrested him this week.

A man decided it was a good idea to rob a photobooth at an amusement park in Batavia. He apparently didn’t consider the fact that there is a camera in said photobooth and so now police have a picture to show everyone. He got away with $75 and caused another $75 in damages.