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Gabatron Morning Briefing – 1-21-16: Look To The Cookie

Actress Stacey Dash was on Outnumbered on Fox News Channel and was asked about the Oscar controversy. She said the outrage and boycotts over a lack of diversity among Academy Award candidates are “ludicrous.” She said it’s a double standard, and if people are upset about that, they should also be upset about things like BET and awards that are only given to certain racial groups. Also, Black History Month has to go if we’re all going to be equal.

A Chicago man is on a one-man mission to end “Dibs” in Chicago once and for all. He’s started a Kickstarter campaign to create signs that shame people who are putting dibs on parking spots. The signs would actually say “Trump Voters for Dibs: Because F— You.”

A Cook County judge has decided to allow TV cameras in the “routine” hearings involving Jason Van Dyke. They will decide later if they are going to allow TV cameras during the trial itself.

During a speech at a Donald Trump in Tulsa on Wednesday, Sarah Palin addressed her son Track’s domestic violence arrest. She said that he and many other soldiers “come back a bit different” because of President Obama’s policies and disrespect for veterans.

Rand Paul is comparing Donald Trump to Gollum in the Lord of the Rings. You see, Gollum was looking for his precious, the ring, to amass power. Trump is the same way, saying that if you just give him all of this power, he’s so awesome that he’ll make everything better. Paul on the other hand says that he wants to give power back to the states and to the people.

A family in Ohio is being torn apart by a conflict over the inheritance from their WWII hero father. He died last September, and now the family has to decide what to do with his collection of thousands upon thousands of beer cans. He punched out Nazi’s, then opened a few cold ones and started collecting the cans for the rest of his life. The Beer Can Collectors of America… which is apparently a thing… says that the collection could be worth $2,500-5000.

Officials in Minnesota are asking people to stop flushing goldfish. Apparently they sometimes survive and end up completely invading habitats.

Right after David Bowie died, Kanye West hinted that he might do a tribute album or at least a track. The Internet has already sprung into action, with a petition calling on him to stop already picking up almost 20,000 signatures.

Geek/CounterGeek – #44: Remembering Alan Rickman

Netflix has announced that Jessica Jones will be returning for a second season. Keith is decidedly more happy about this news than Elliott.

A teenage Princess Leia will be making an appearance on the animated series Star Wars Rebels. Plus, there are rumors out there that James Earl Jones will be playing the voice of Darth Vader again, this time in the spinoff movie Rogue One.

Plus, Alan Rickman died suddenly this week at the age of 69. Rickman had been battling cancer, but much like David Bowie, who also died this week, he had kept the battle out of the public eye. Elliott and Keith talked about the pretty monumental impact that Rickman has had on pop culture in the past twenty-plus years.

Each week Keith Conrad and Chicago’s Top Geek Elliott Serrano debate a controversial topic in contemporary geekery: Kirk vs. Picard? Was Douglas Quaid dreaming in Total Recall? No topic is off limits.

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Gabatron Morning Briefing – 1-12-16: Chicago Museum Teaches Kids The Circle Of Life

Today is National Poetry At Work Day:

Did you ever wonder what happened to that cute little baby chick you watched hatch and then named “Horatio” during your visit to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago? It turns out most of them are immediately taken to Lincoln Park Zoo where they are fed to snakes, leopards and Bald Eagles. At least the ones fed to the Bald Eagles are dying the most patriotic death possible for a baby chick.

An apartment fire in Oklahoma has created perhaps the greatest 30 seconds of video in TV over the past decade. Meet Michelle Dobyne, who explains what happened when her apartment complex burst into the flames. Thankfully no one was hurt in the blaze.

A new app is available in Chicago that is billing itself as the “Uber of private jets.” Unlike Uber, where you pay for each trip individually, with this new app called JetSmart you pay an annual fee of $9,000. But for that low-low price, you can fly on your very own jet.

A substitute teacher in Florida told her students that if they didn’t behave she would let a gunman come into the classroom and shoot them. She was teaching third graders at the time. The classrooms have doors to the outside and she allegedly dangled the keys in front of them. She was removed and escorted off campus.

Awkward Media Moment: A radio newscaster in Great Britain accidentally told listeners that David Cameron died, instead of David Bowie.

Meanwhile, in politics…

Donald Trump picked up the endorsement of the American Freedom Party. They are a white supremacist group founded in California. In their endorsement they refer to Trump as the “great white hope.”

(Audio) Hillary Clinton awkwardly panders to millennials by going on Ellen and talking about selfies and smartphone apps. She must have gotten a new software update, just like the Teslas.