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Gabatron – #7: Seeking A Podcast For The End of the World

Keith Conrad is getting a little annoyed at peoples lazy use of the English language and Dan Levy can’t even grab some fast food without running into the same problem. Keith and Dan are both facing down the boredom that comes with unemployment through the magic of binge-watching TV shows. If the apocalypse hit tomorrow, who do you think would be best suited to survive? Plus, what would you do if you were playing golf and suddenly Han Solo crashed in front of you?

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Willie Wilson’s Path from Mayoral Candidate to Power Broker
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Are Republicans Or Democrats More Likely To Survive The Apocalypse?
Harrison Ford injured in plane crash
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Gabatron Morning Briefing – 2-16-15: President’s Day

“Saturday Night Live” celebrated four decades on the air last night with a live special. Two me there were two highlights: Bill Murray singing the theme to Jaws, and Wayne’s World.

Here in Chicago Metra has decided to cancel their plan to experiment with allowing people to bring small pets onto trains. Officials say that there are concerns that need to be addressed before they can go ahead with it.

According to a new survey from Mashable, people are constantly re-wearing clothing between washes. Is that true in your life? Are you a one-and-done kind of person or have you been known to re-wear a thing or two?

…and finally, some museums around the country are taking steps to ban selfie sticks. They claim that they are disruptive and could even cause injuries or damage to exhibits.