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Gabatron Morning Briefing – 12-8-15: We’ll Always Have Paris

A school district in Lake Zurich here in the Chicago area is going to survey parents about whether or not they think it’s safe to let their kids go on a band trip to Paris.

Interesting Stat of the Day: 78 percent. That’s the probability that a straight woman’s first marriage will last at least 20 years.

Donald Trump is calling for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” He also by the way said that ban would apply to Muslim citizens re-entering the country.

A flight in Seattle was delayed because a passenger named their personal WI-FI network “I have three bombs.”

In science news, the Kepler telescope has been trawling the skies for planets that exist outside our own solar system, but a new survey of the data found that about 52 percent of the identified planets may have been false positives.

Plus, a Cincinnati couple has run afowl of their local government for putting a nativity scene in their front yard. Now, before you get all excited, this isn’t a War on Christmas story from Fox News. The couple decided it was a good idea to put up a zombie-themed nativity scene in their front yard.

Each morning Keith Conrad will give you a few stories useful for starting conversations around the water cooler at work. Assuming that your office actually has a water cooler.

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