Photo by Austin Kirk on Unsplash
Photo by Austin Kirk on Unsplash

Coming Up With A Clever & Interesting Name for Your Podcast

If you have a specific topic for your podcast, it’s best to start there. I have been working on a double-secret podcast for a couple of months. It’s related to theater production and I managed to find a great title by scanning a massive list of theater terms until I landed on one that fit the premise.

Then of course there the Twilight Zone podcast I do with Sean Magers called “Time Enough At Last.” We just shamelessly borrowed the name of an episode.

Avoid using any names already in use by another podcast

The best way to discover whether your potential name is already in use and trademarked is to do a quick search on Google. You could also get a decent look at the landscape by googling the subject and the word “podcast.”

You definitely need to do some research before you get your heart set on a particular name. If it’s really clever it’s a pretty good bet a podcast or Netflix documentary has already snatched it up. But we have to make do.

Of course you could also try to piggyback on something that’s already out there. For example, there’s actually a “Cereal” podcast. It’s about actual cereal, as opposed to Serial, the OG narrative podcast.

Your podcast’s name should be easy to spell and pronounce

“The K3ith Conrad S#ow” would be a unique name, but probably not a great choice. If the show’s name is confusing or otherwise unappealing, listeners may ignore everything else you have to offer.

It’s also probably a good idea to avoid using profanity in your title. It can cause your show not to be approved by various podcast directories.

Still stumped? Use an online name generator

When all else fails and your plan to legally change your name to Mark Maron and hope people type it Google wrong proves too much work, why not outsource the naming process to a computer?

There are name generators for just about everything these days. If you’re writing a novel you can easily come up with character names and if you’re starting a podcast you can do the same thing. An example of such a generator is the Podcast Name Generator. You can use it for free. You select keywords, and then it provides a list of possible suggestions.

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