Podcasts Are The “6 O’Clock News” For GenZ And Millennials

Spotify’s third annual “Culture Next” report, focused on GenZs (ages 15-25) and Millennials (26-40), shows how both groups have reshaped the media landscape, especially since the COVID pandemic.

Guess what? Both groups like podcasts. Of course that’s not exactly shocking, since the numbers came from Spotify. But I digress.

The study shows podcasts have become “the 6 o’clock news” for people under 40 years old. 40% of Millennials and GenZs ranked their trust in podcasts higher than in such traditional media sources. Of course this begs the question, who is the trusted voice? The Walter Cronkite of podcasts, if you will.

Nearly two-thirds of Millennials and more than half of GenZs say they use podcasts to learn about social issues. Nearly two-thirds of both groups believe that audio formats like podcasts are one of the greatest ways to tell stories.

Roughly half of both believe they have become part of a global community because of either music or podcasts. I like to think Sean and I have contributed to this by introducing these youngsters to The Twilight Zone with our podcast Time Enough At Last.

Between 50% and 60% of each also believe brands have the power to create communities based on common interest and passion.

That’s probably the next big step. Podcasters and YouTubers are already starting their own communities on places like Discord. Great Night, Justin Robert Young and Andrew Heaton are three I listen to who already have their own. Clearly the next step will be Nike and Walmart starting their own online communities.

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