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Gabatron Morning Briefing – 12-22-15: Wizards Don’t See Race

The geek world is all a Twitter. You knew the calm after the Star Wars storm couldn’t last forever. They announced the cast of the new Harry Potter stage play, and it turns out that Hermione is black in this adaptation. For some reason this is controversial to some people. JK Rowling, who is pretty much the authority on all things Potter thinks it’s great, so to me that pretty much ends the discussion. Get over it or don’t see the play.

Interesting Stat of the Day: 2.5 roles. It turns out that Hollywood has a disgusting anti-alien bias.

According to a new poll from Public Policy Polling, 30% of Republican primary voters would support bombing Agrabah.

Noted liberal media shill Megyn Kelly will host the next GOP Presidential debate.

In technology news, Sunday marked the 25th birthday of the very first website on the Internet.

Plus, someone stole a truck with $10,000 worth of Little Debbie snacks on it.

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