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Gabatron Morning Briefing – 6-23-16: Come Fly The Friendly (And Empty) Skies

A man had a unique experience on a Delta flight Tuesday. He was the only passenger on the plane. Delta gave him the option of rescheduling for the next day, but the airplane was going on anyway, so he figured he might as well catch a ride. Once when I was flying on New Years Eve (Because that’s how I roll), there were only about 6 people on my flight. There were so few of us that they actually had to re-arrange all of us several times to get the airplane balanced. That’ll make you feel safe. Both flights landed safely without incident.

The Marines came up with new fitness requirements for combats roles, since those jobs are open to women now. The results are in: 1,500 recruits vying for combat jobs between Jan. 1 and May 20, only seven of them were women. The six women and 40 men who failed were reassigned to noncombat jobs.

Left me preface this story by saying that I can’t describe how bad I feel for this guy, because even if he’s an idiot he never intended to harm his child. That having been said… A guy in California left his 6 month old daughter in a hot car when he forgot about her after dropping off his other children at daycare. When he found her in the car, he put her in the refrigerator to try to revive her.

There was a chaotic scene in the US House on Wednesday as Democrats staged a sit-in to demand a vote on gun control legislation. The protest comes in the wake of the recent shootings in Orlando, the deadliest in modern US history.

Meanwhile, Iowa congressman Steve King has proposed legislation that would block Harriet Tubman from replacing President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. He hasn’t provided a reason, but it stands to reason he is probably one of very few remaining Old Hickory fans. Either that or he really hates Harriet Tubman.

Interesting Stat of the Day: The number of renters dedicating at least half of their income toward housing hit a record high of 11 million people in 2014. A total of 21.3 million are spending 30% or more of their paycheck to cover the rent — also a record high.