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Gabatron Morning Briefing – 11-30-15: Suspension of Ethnicity Disbelief

A man walked into a Planned Parenthood office in Colorado with a gun, killing three people and wounding nine more.

Interesting Stat of the Day: $805. Forecast of the average per-shopper holiday spending this year, according to the National Retail Federation.

The makers of the forthcoming film “Gods of Egypt” have apologized for showcasing a predominantly white cast.

More companies are opting out of having any sort of Christmas/Holiday/end of the year party. This started as a side effect of the sluggish economy and shrinking budgets, but they’ve found that few employees actually missed them.

In technology news, the NSA ended its massive collecting of Americans’ phone records on Sunday and replaced it with targeted surveillance methods. Under the Freedom Act, the larger surveillance program should have ended on Saturday night.

Plus, West Point has just announced a ban on pillow fights. First year students usually have one every year to ease tension and build camaraderie, but the one this past August resulted in 30 people being injured.

Each morning Keith Conrad will give you a few stories useful for starting conversations around the water cooler at work. Assuming that your office actually has a water cooler.

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