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Gabatron Morning Briefing – 1-4-16: Crowd Funding Education

A teacher in Waukegan is turning to Internet crowd funding to get things for her classroom that taxpayers would never ever even think to pay for. So far they have enough laptops and tablets for each student to have a device, along with a 3-D printer, robotics kits and subscriptions to a kid-level news magazine and even a webcam so they can Skype with experts in the fields they are discussing in class.

Daily Data Mining: According to a new scientific study from Canada of nearly 1,000 mother/offspring pairs, maternal kisses are not effective in alleviating minor childhood injuries or boo-boos.

Donald Trump told John Dickerson on Face The Nation that he’d be a “much different person” if elected President.

Have you seen that commercial for the dating site just for farmers? A new dating website that is only for white people has bought a billboard in Utah.

In technology news, Mark Zuckerberg wants to live a bit more like Tony Stark. In a post on Facebook last week, Zuckerberg wrote that he building an AI that can run his home and present him with virtual reality.

Plus, a man in Alabama has been spotted on camera peeping through windows. He’s completely naked, except for a Ronald Reagan mask.

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