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Gabatron Morning Briefing – 1-5-16: Date Night With Mom

A mom posted on Facebook that she would like for her 6-year old son to learn how to treat women respectfully, particularly while dating. So once a month, the boy has take his mother on a date.

Daily Data Dump: IRS penalties have increased for Americans who do not have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Enrollment is up 29 percent compared to this time last year.

Donald Trump released his very first political ad on Monday. It shows thousands of people flooding across the border illegal, undoubtedly including dozens if not hundreds of potential terrorists. The problem is the footage they used is actually of Morocco, not the US border.

In sports news, recently retired Cubs pitcher Dan Haren gave a peek behind the curtain of being a big league pitcher on Monday. While he was on an exercise bike, he tweeted some interesting facts about his career.

In technology news, A start-up is offering a new way to cut your travel costs: They pair you up with a roommate for your next hotel stay.

Plus, Hillary Clinton is making some out of this world campaign promises. She says if she is elected, she will investigate Area 51 and whether or not we have been visited by aliens.

Each morning Keith Conrad will give you a few stories useful for starting conversations around the water cooler at work. Assuming that your office actually has a water cooler.

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