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Help Me Launch My Podcast

So you’ve decided to start a podcast…

Launching a podcast can be overwhelming. It is a long, confusing process with many hurdles. And for most budding podcasters, it’s their first foray into content creation. So it’s easy to miss a few steps.

That’s where I can help. I can be your Sherpa, guiding you to the top of the mountain of podcasting greatness. I have over 15 years of experience as a radio producer, helping hosts turn the news of the day into interesting and compelling content.

I can help you with all of the technical hurdles as well:

  • Create and optimize your podcast’s RSS feed for optimal ranking in iTunes
  • Integrate your podcast with your existing website
  • Create a podcast page on your existing website
  • Schedule everything to publish on your launch day
  • Submit your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher and all the top podcast directories
  • Check to make sure everything is 100% set for your podcast launch
  • Coach you through any questions you have, and ensure a fantastic launch

I’m ready to help, drop me a line and say hello.