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Help Me Edit My Podcast

I’ve been editing radio shows and podcasts for so long, the first radio show I edited would be old enough to order a beer next year if it was a person.

Let’s put those years of experience to work making your podcast sound amazing.

  • Remove any mistakes, umms & ahhs and unwanted content
  • Edit your conversation to ensure a smooth listener experience
  • Produce intros, outros and music beds when needed
  • Add your show’s intros, outros, music and other audio branding
  • Process and fine-tune your audio so you sound like a pro
  • Upload your episode to your podcast hosting account
  • Write an engaging show notes post for your podcast episode including:
    • Optimized episode title
    • Detailed descriptions to introduce your episode content
    • Links to all tools, people and resources mentioned in the episode
    • SEO optimization of your show notes post
    • Schedule your episode & show notes to publish on your site and out to podcast directories
    • Send you a notification that your episode is complete and scheduled

You always have the opportunity to review your episode before it publishes, and if you have any edit or change requests, we update your episode quickly and send you a notification that it’s been updated.

I’m ready to help, drop me a line and say hello.